When your child should begin to visit the dentist?

Usually parent do not care about the oral health of their childrenĀ as it losses teeth associated with the period of time, but doctors assert that dental health is the foundation for the dairy oral and dental health later, and the primary teeth problems will be even more painful and difficult to cure.

Experts criticized that the delay of father and mother usually accompany children to the dentist, as this visit is usually open the way for early awareness of proper nutrition for the child and the appropriate methods of cleaning the mouth and teeth, as the basis for healthy teeth for life. Rarely father decides to take his child to the dentist before they reach sixth year, which strongly criticized by dentists.

Children Oral Health

Doctors warn that the first three years of the child’s age determines a lot about the health of his teeth in the future, since any problem in primary teeth at this age, may cause injury caries later. German doctors criticized the negligence of parents, usually to clean the teeth of children in early age, neglect and nurseries also to educate children early ideal ways to clean the mouth and teeth.

Experts are advised to follow up on the child’s primary teeth growth with a specialist doctor, as well as the need to follow the child to clean his teeth until the end of primary school, in order to avoid errors that can be located where the child without the knowledge. Preferably, be the first visit to the dentist at the age of six months, because this gives a good chance to avoid injury on primary teeth caries.

Doctors confirm that the treatment of primary teeth problems much larger than the permanent teeth, especially since the cavities at this stage is accompanied by severe pain and infections also affect the architecture and shape of the teeth in the future. Statistics indicate that children, who suffer from holes in the primary teeth, have an increased risk of a large proportion of tooth decay lifetime.

Start Teeth Caring During Pregnancy

Child teeth care does not start since childhood, but during pregnancy. Experts warn of false beliefs that put the dentist on the list of contraband during pregnancy, as there is a problem in the teeth or gums in pregnant mother is not without consequences for the health of the fetus. According to the German health experts, the risks of not treating cavities during pregnancy are much more dangerous than the risks of anesthesia used during dental treatment or oral rays.

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