What is the appropriate exercise during pregnancy?

Sport during pregnancy period is a part of healthy lifestyle, but be careful! Because you cannot practice any activity, and most importantly to always be done in moderation.

If the pregnancy is normal, the sport is well air-conditioned medium and applied in a manner to prevent the marginal risk of complications and help you to relax and to ensure fitness. As well as they inevitably contribute to regulate mood, appetite and sleep, and is considered an excellent way to prepare for the birth.

In addition to all these benefits, a recent Canadian study has shown that sport during pregnancy reduces the possibility of the birth of a child obese by 30%, and cesarean delivery is shrinking by 20% in active pregnant compared to their counterparts that do not make any movement.

Best Exercises during Pregnancy

But to achieve these benefits, you should not exercise in the form of random that could damage you and your unborn baby! We must avoid all species that may cause you to tremors and shocks, falls, collective such as sports (football, basketball …), Judo and other arts concerned with self-defense, horseback riding, skiing, climbing and diving.

In contrast, you should note that walking and swimming are considered of the most important activities during pregnancy. It is advised to walk vigorously for at least half an hour a day, and at the end of pregnancy slow down the pace and increase rest the number of times. Also you should wear comfortable shoes, and avoid walking over rough terrain increase the risk of falls. As they swim in a positive affect the muscles and joints, and ease of veins and lower back problems. Certainly should refrain from diving or participate in any race or stop breathing for a long time.

As for other types of sports are also useful for pregnancy including flexibility and relaxation exercises, yoga, classical dance or rhythmic condition but slow rhythm and avoid jumping.

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