Take a Virtual Tour Through Your Lady Parts

Amidst all the gruelling and exhausting demands of our super busy lives, we often neglect our body and its health. While all of us have lots of time to scroll down our newsfeeds or play candy crush, we seldom find time to take a look at our body’s anatomy. Now for a woman, it is extremely essential to understand her lady parts so she can understand the hormonal shifts and transitions within her body.

A recent study that asked women to point out the clitoris on a diagram revealed such poor results only 29% women were able to correctly locate the organ. Now, it is extremely important for a woman to be able to point out her clitoris because it is the most supreme pleasure centre of her body.

Diagram of the female genitalia

Now, let’s take out some time between work and picking up the kids from school, strip in front of the mirror and start inspecting all our lady parts.

Glans Clitoris

This is the external area of your clitoris, and the part of your body that helps you experience an orgasm. It comprises of over 8,000 nerves that are extremely sensitive, and if it’s very close to your vaginal opening, its increases your chances of having orgasmic sex. However, if its position a bit farther from your vaginal opening, you and your partner should try out the rear-entry position, and ask your guy to stroke our GC with his hand, or you guys can even deploy the help of a vibrator.

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