Smokers! Want To Cleanse Your Lungs From Tar And Nicotine? Here’s A Perfect Recipe For You!

In our daily routine when we wake up in the morning we go for face wash and brush. To go to the washroom and clean our self is the first task. Similarly, we should clean our self internally. Especially smokers accumulate toxins in their body in the form of tar and nicotine.

Most Successful Quit Smoking Method

So there is a need to clean yourself from the toxins internally. It is not necessary that this recipe is for only smokers actually if you have an irregular digestive system then you should go for this recipe.


  • One liter water
  • 400 gram onion
  • One inch ginger root
  • 400 gram honey
  • 2 teaspoon of turmeric powder

Method of preparation:

1.  Take one-liter water into a saucepan let it boil.

2.  Chopped the onion and grated the ginger root.

3.  When water is boiled add ginger and onion into it.

4.  When water is boiled again then add turmeric powder into it.

5.  Now slow the flame and cook it until the water becomes half.

6.  Strain it and add honey in this water.

7.  Let it cool and put it into a jug and store in a refrigerator.

8.  Take two tablespoons twice in a day once before the breakfast early in the morning and once before going to bed in the night. All the ingredients used in this recipe are powerful antioxidants and release toxins from your body.

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