The Secret to Losing Belly Fat

Abs can greatly be strengthened by concentrating on crunches. However, these crunches are not helpful in getting rid of fat around your waist. If you want to reduce belly fat, then you have to do calorie-burning cardio workouts on regular basis. Besides these cardio exercises, it is essential to concentrate on interval training. The key is to alternate between the speedy and moderate bursts of workout.

According to a published study of Journal of Obesity, it has been found that women, who exercised for 20 minutes by alternating between 12-seconds of low-pace cycling and 8-seconds sprints, have reduced more belly fat as compared to the women who have done cycling for 40 minutes at a constant speed.

Intervals can be done with any kind of activity. Some of these ways are given below.

1. Use visual objectives

Bike or run at moderate speed and then sprint towards the end of street. Decrease your pace after reaching your set objective. Select another objective after breathing becomes normal.

Lose Belly Fat with Intervals

2. Use music

Choose interval playlist that alternates between slow-pace chill tunes and fast-speed peppy tunes. Dance, walk, or run to its beat.

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