Lettuce before the meal stimulates the appetite and digestion

Lettuce from the basic components of power is also used to decorate some of the main dishes, in addition to the benefits to the human body; the lettuce stimulates the appetite and digestion process making it one of the best appetizers, before the main meal.

Lettuce leaves interference in the work of the different types of salads can also be addressed individually or use them to decorate meat and fish dishes. Varied colors and forms of lettuce according to different countries, sea green and bright red of it, but these entire species rich of metal materials for the body. Featuring types of lettuce, the most bitter taste and the very best health benefits, experts say.

Lettuce leaves in general are rich in beta carotene task for eye and skin health, and the lettuce leaves of various kinds and colors, rich in calcium, iron, phosphate, folic acid and vitamin B. This article will help to stimulate the appetite and stimulate digestion process also, what makes the lettuce of the best types of appetizers.

Lettuce Health Benefits

For those who prefer not taste the bitterness of lettuce, he can put it in warm water for some time, according to a report published by the site “Hale Praxis” German. Mixing lettuce helps with a variety of vegetables and put olive oil and a little pepper and salt on them, get rid of the bitter taste while retaining the nutritional value.

Criteria for the selection of power vegetables

In general, rarely devoid of nutrition and health list of power vegetables, especially as they provide the body with water, minerals and vitamins without the high calories. And power vegetables supply the body important materials for the prevention of heart disease and circulatory system, including flavonoids and polyphenols, and cholesterol, according to a report published by the magazine “Spiegel” German.

Despite all these benefits of internal health and agility of the body, it can become harmful? Experts say that the authority has a fresh and ripe vegetables are needed by the body, and the choice of immature vegetables may become dangerous as they usually contain a large amount of nitrates, a substance that some studies suggest that accumulation in the body could have been from cancer.

Preferably the preparation of the season vegetables that have not been transferred from one country to another, and preferred to use the vegetables after a short period of time and stay away from bottled vegetables in bags. And spotted an Italian study, fresh vegetables rich in antioxidants papers that impede the harmful free radicals that can increase the percentage of blood. The study demonstrated that the positive impact of vegetables on the blood increases as leaf vegetables were fresh.

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