This Lavender Lemonade Recipe Will Get Rid of Anxiety and Headaches

The health issue is a serious matter and today world is full of anxiety and headaches. Every person has to face rush and problems. Among the ranking, it is revealed that third common health issue in people is anxiety. Medication is the first thing which people prefer to do. Today I am going to share lavender lemonade recipe that will give benefit to get rid of anxiety and headaches.


  • Six organic lemons
  • One drop of lavender essential oil
  • One cup of raw honey
  • Twelve cups of raw honey

Lavender Lemonade Recipe for Anxiety and Headaches

Method of Preparation:

1.  Take water in a saucepan and let it boil

2.  Squeeze out the lemon

3.  Turned off the stove when water is boiling

4.  Add lemon juice, raw honey and a drop of lavender essential oil

5.  Let it cool and serve with ice

Lavender is the main ingredient in this recipe, that is powerful for health because it consists of active constituents. It has detoxifying and antiseptic properties. On the other hand, lemon is rich in vitamin C, citric acid, and calcium. It is refreshing and full of energy. Just try it and feel fresh.

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