Healthy alternatives to sugar-rich foods

WHO warns of eating too much sugar, known as “white poison”. It is identified that people may not eat more than six spoons of sugar. If you love to eat sweets then you must choose healthy alternatives sugar-rich foods that all are good for health.

Some people not imagine to live without chocolate, so it is important to know that the percentage of sugar in chocolate is inversely proportional to the cocoa ratio, meaning that the dark chocolate in which more than cocoa ratio has a ratio less sugar, and are thus better for health, if you love candy it is better to choose sugar-free types, but be careful because a lot of them may lead to diarrhea.

A ready grainy cracker in morning for adults and children, but it contains a large proportion of sugar, so it is advisable to prepare at home by the remnants of bread that made from flour and brown, mixed with dried fruits.

Healthy Natural Sugar Alternatives

Do you like soft drinks, particularly fruit flavor? The best option is mixing lemon or orange water and thus protects the body from a large amount of excessive sugar because they contain all carbonated bottle water.

Candy and cake special as a “bomb of sugar”, can be replaced by fortified bread with raisins, for example some dry fruits or small pieces of dark chocolate, it has a sweet taste but with less sugar.

Fruit yogurt contains about 11 to 18 grams of sugar per 100 grams, according to the recent research. Experts recommend making yogurt at home and add fresh fruit to it, as this reduces the sugar by an estimated 50 to 70 percent.

Indispensable ketchup with fries, although it imparts taste nice it, but it contains a large proportion of sugar, so experts advise to read the ingredients thoroughly before you buy, since the ketchup which is produced by some companies that healthy nutrition-based systems, has a ratio of sugar Less.

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