Fresh vs. Frozen Vegetables: Which one is more Healthy?

The fresh fruits and vegetables are more expensive than frozen. It is difficult to keep them for a long time, though, so many people prefer to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as compare frozen, and the reason is that fresh produce are healthy. Is that true?

It is well known that fruits and vegetables are very healthy, be directly consume at maturity, and the reason is that the nutritional content of the vegetables will be at the top level at the peak of maturity. But health experts say that this may be true only if they are eating vegetables or fruits in season pounds. So it can be frozen for vegetables to be better than fresh vegetables alternative, if they are not dealt with in the normal off-season.

When frozen vegetables are better than fresh

The cases in which frozen vegetables are better than fresh, it is when they are transported long distances before being sold in the markets. Then frozen vegetables are more nutritious. Nutrition experts explain, however, that frozen vegetables are often picked before they ripen, which means they did not get the food content fully.

As well as the transfer of fruits and vegetables long distances, making them lose a lot of food content, for example, lose the fresh spinach half the content of folic acid after eight days, as vitamins and minerals decreases inside the stored incorrectly, and that exposing the high light and heat.

Fresh Vegetables and Frozen

This applies, of course, the fruit also. Nutrition experts say that the qualities of fruits sold in German shops are not quite high, as is often the sale of fruits and vegetables before maturity.

The benefits of frozen foods

And perhaps the most important characteristic of frozen fruits and vegetables is that it is often harvested after maturity, and using hot water is peeled, which helps to kill bacteria and stop some active enzymes that damage the fruits and vegetables quickly. And then it is frozen what helps them keep food contents.

It should be noted that frozen fruits and vegetables much better than canned. The canned vegetables and fruits lose a lot of important nutrients when kept inside tins. Health experts advised to avoid buying frozen fruits and vegetables if they are chopped or crushed, Addressing fruits and vegetables before freezing lose a lot of food, as well as the need to ensure that fruits and vegetables frozen completely free of additives such as salt or butter.

Fresh vs Frozen Vegetables

On the other hand, can help buy frozen fruit and vegetables to save money, which is the best option for those who wish to address them in the off-season. With the exception of that fresh fruits and vegetables remain the best, especially if they were purchased from farmers directly after picked immediately, stored away from buying from the sale of food stores.

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