This Fat Burning Drink Will Give You Visible Results In 4 Days

Weight loss is definitely a process with lots of struggle and sacrifice and the results are mostly slow. And one must be very patient to see those results. But it’s not all about sacrifice and sufferings because there are some ‘cheats’ that could help you lose weight in real time. And those cheats are basically quick and healthy drinks which if consumed regularly, can do wonders.

Just combine 8 glasses of water with 1tbsp. of grated ginger, one cucumber peeled and cut in slices, 4 lemon slices and 12 mint in a jug and pace in refrigerator for 4-5 hours and drink all day.

Ingredient # 1: 8 Glasses of Clean Water

Dotti Weight Loss

Ingredient # 2: Grated Ginger (1 TBSP)

Ginger to Lose Weight

Ingredient # 3: 1 Fresh Cucumber (Peeled and Cut)

Does cucumber water help with weight loss

Ingredient # 4: 4 Lemon cut into pieces

Lemon in water diet

Ingredient # 5: 12 Leaves of Mint

Is cucumber water a detox

Instructions – How to do it?

Juice Fast Weight Loss Recipes

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