Facts and Myths about Energy Boosting Foods

Many people believe that the detoxification process can enhance the energy and have a super foods help combat fatigue. But is there scientific evidence to support this hypothesis?

Fever detox does not promote energy!

Often described diets with claims of toxicity of energy, but there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. If a person eats well, there is no need for the use of these diets.

Supporters claim that our bodies detoxification burdened with “poison” of pollution, smoking, food additives and so on. It is detoxification through a variety of methods, including massages, and fasting which followed a strict diet of raw vegetables and fruits, fruit juice, water, and perfusion colorectal and dietary supplements, which are usually taken within seven to ten days. He is also alleged that supporters of disarmament toxic way to get rid of toxins.

Natural Energy Boosters

But there is no scientific evidence shows the need to help our bodies to get rid of waste – this is what you do kidneys – and there is no proof of benefit admitted detoxification.

What benefits?

Some people say they feel more focus and vitality after detoxification diet. But this could be because they think they are doing something good for their bodies.

For the vast majority of people, the healthy balanced diet based on carbohydrates carbohydrates (whole grains if possible), with a lot of fruits and vegetables, as well as some milk and dairy products, meat or another source of protein sources lean is the way best to protect health.

“Super foods” is a myth

Newspapers, magazines and the Internet are filled with stories about the miracle of super foods. For example celery, broccoli, beetroot juice, jams fruit, popcorn, cereals and even tea cup.

There is no formal definition of super foods. The European Union has banned the use of this word encapsulates products, unless scientific research to support the claim convincing.

These claims are exaggerated always often. Difficult to actually incredibly prove that food and one specifically is the best for our health than all other foods we eat. Studies on the so-called super foods to do so tend not.

What benefits?

When it comes to maintaining good health, it is important that one deals with a variety of foods, rather than focusing on one food in the hope that he will work miracles. And it must eat a balanced diet that contains a range of foods ensures getting the nutrients needed by the body. You should limit alcohol and eat foods high fat, high sugar and salt.

Energy drinks has mixed benefits

Many people turn to energy drinks such as Red Bull to get a quick energy boost.

Energy drinks full of sugar and caffeine (and sometimes more than twice the amount of caffeine in cola tray) will be awarded to that person certainly temporary energy boost. But this installment short-term and may be accompanied by other problems.

Caffeine can make a person feel energy and turmoil. It can raise blood pressure, while sugar that can contribute to weight gain, especially if the person did not practice sports regularly.

So what benefit?

Plain water is the best choice of energy drinks. And a snack of fruit for a quick burst of energy.

Vitamin supplements are not the same benefit of good eating

The person does not think that taking a daily multivitamin would make him feel less tired? Think again.

Most people do not need to take vitamin supplements, because they can get all the nutrients they need from a healthy and balanced diet. Grain does not offer the same benefits to people when eating food well.
The Ministry of Health recommends some specific supplements for certain categories of people. It is possible to read more about taking vitamin supplements.

As a general rule, it’s better to get vitamins from food rather than pills.

Evidence suggests that fruits and vegetables are good for us, not only for the individual content of vitamins and minerals, but because different nutrients and fiber. Benefit increase the amount of fruit and vegetables eaten by the person his health more than his handling of the supplements.

So what benefit?

Cans must forget about multivitamins. And it must eat a healthy and balanced diet instead. And the person who will give all the energy it needs, as well as being good for public health.

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