Dried plums reduce the risk of colon cancer

The latest medical research suggests that eating dried plums regularly promotes retaining the beneficial gut bacteria and reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Dr. Nancy Turner, a professor at the University of Texas A&M AgriLife Communications, recent research showed that dried plums boosts in retaining the beneficial bacteria from all parts of the colon, and thus they may reduce the risk of colon cancer.

The previous medical research indicated that the unrest and germs are involved in the initiation of inflammation of the intestine and repeat infections spells that can promote the development of colon cancer. Dr. Tern said: “Discover our research that the potential characteristics of the peach powder can contribute effectively in the prevention of colon cancer”.

Plum Best Health Benefits

Dried plums contain phenolic compounds, which have multiple effects on the health of human beings, including its capability to act as anti-oxidants, which can neutralize the effect of oxidation of free radicals that can spoil DNA.

The research was conducted on a group of mice were fed a diet based on dried plums, as it contains important nutrients and complex, with the intestinal contents and tissues from different sectors of the colon examination.

Researchers have observed that dried plums contributed to strengthening retain beneficial microbes, and microbial metabolism in all parts of the colon, which was associated with a lower incidence of precancerous lesions.

The research on dried plums are conducted by University of A&M AgriLife Communications at Texas, America.

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