Deodorant Uses: 9 Totally Weird Ways

Deodorants are highly useful and are widely used by both men and women. There are some highly useful advantages and benefits of deodorants which a person cannot even think of. Some of the amazing and simple benefits of deodorants are discussed as under:

9 Interesting Uses of Deodorant You Will Love to Try

1. Keep feet odour-free

It is highly useful to apply the deodorant on the stinky and smelly feet to cure the problem and to get the fresh feet. All you have to do is take your deodorant and apply it at the lower side of the dry feet and keep it overnight. This will be proved as highly beneficial and will keep the feet fresh and odor free all the working day. You should repeat this three to four times a day for curing the problem of stinky feet.

Deodorant Use on Shoes

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