Dental Implant Surgery – Benefits and Risks

Researchers have found new ways compared to other treatments and methods, such as the installation of a bridge and dental implant, useful and successful way usually to compensate for lost or damaged teeth. But the patient may face lots of risks and problems later, despite the advantages and features of the process of dental implants.
In a large amount of cases, people should be healthy and experience a schedule of dental removal or oral operation can be considered for a dental implant. Patient’s gums must be healthy and sufficient bone to grasp the implant. What is causing additional damage in the jaw and may cause other teeth loss, in addition to the denture is responsible for moving the jaws damage injury. Therefore take urgent action to avoid that requires loss after age or what damage in the denture. There are several ways to replace lost and damaged teeth, such as the installation of a bridge or dental implants.

And installation of the dental implant is to build a bridge on the missing teeth and treatment of adjacent teeth lost with age, but that this will lead to damage. The dental implants depend on planting small cylinder made of titanium jaw surgery after local anesthesia of the jaw and then link the new age drum.

Dental Implant Advantages and Risks

But dental implants also have some drawbacks, as it does not bear all the decoding processes of dental implants that may have complications such as swelling of the jaw, doctors are forced to take off their teeth after you install it. It is estimated by Dr. Wilfried Wagner of the University Hospital in Mainz, the number of teeth that take off after the process of agriculture in Germany by about 140 thousand cases of the cultivation, or 14 percent of the cultivated teeth are uprooted.

And infections of the jaw is not the only problem after dental implants, many patients are screened and guess their condition are wrong, says Dr. Martin Bonsman, a surgeon to decode and an expert special teeth, which adds that “a lot of disasters in the jaw occur because of errors committed by dentists, such as planting a lot of teeth at once or deep Agriculture or in the wrong location and near the roots of another age.

There are some problems that can occur due to the neglect of patients themselves when cleaning the mouth properly after agriculture leads to severe infections, as stated by Hans Joachim Nikeng, a specialist doctor at the University Hospital in Cologne.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Implants

These are some of the advantages of dental implants:

  • Dental implants do not rely on neighboring teeth and abrasion treatment, as in the process of building a dental bridge.
  • When the success of dental implants does not slow the growth of teeth and jaw bone erosion is increasing, so is the process some scientists of dental implants suitable to stop the decline in the growth of the jaw bones of the way.
  • Teeth in the jaw remain constant and do not need to take it out on an ongoing basis and cleaned.
  • Chewing food process is smooth and honest.
  • When young patients who lose a few teeth be successful farming operation and compensate for lost teeth.
  • Continuous scientific development contributes to making good materials used in the process of agriculture, and raises the levels of success of dental implants.

The disadvantages of the process of dental implants:

  • Dental implants continues the process of cleaning is required for the mouth and teeth, otherwise the results are negative infections may occur in the mouth.
  • Dental implant is not suitable for each decoder and each patient.
  • There are some side effects such as loss of fumbling with things before because of the jaw teeth hole process.
  • Dental implants require anesthesia topically to decode, and this process of anesthesia have some side effects as well.
  • In the event of certain diseases such as arthritis in the jaw periodontal, patient facing side problems may cause the loss of teeth planted.
  • When tooth loss cultivated face additional problems because of the jaw bone loss and roots of the teeth and the impact on other teeth in the jaw.

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