How to Cut a Pineapple in 5 Simple Steps

Well who doesn’t like eating pineapple, the sweet and juicy fruit that we all love to have. But, for now just think, you have a very yummy, whole pineapple fruit in front of you and in order to have it, you have to cut it down in pieces.

You obviously, do not have the option to walk to a store and get a canned version. After all, We all surely know the fact that canned food does not beat the natural fruit flavor – its preservatives being another big NO NO.

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Cutting a pineapple is tedious, here is a simple solution for that. Follow these steps and learn how to easily cut the entire pineapple fruit into bite size pieces. Well here they are:

What you need:

A juicy pineapple, a cutting board and a very sharp knife.


Cut down the top green crown of the fruit and its bottom in a way that the pineapple can stand straight on the cutting board.

Step # 1: How to Cut Pineapple

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