Coronavirus in Middle East: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

An overview of the Coronavirus that causes respiratory syndrome in Middle East.

In 2012, associated with infection Coronavirus infecting individuals acute inflammation of the respiratory system, this new type called (beta Coronavirus) is different from any other type of corona virus, which was found in advance, it differs from the virus, which was discovered in 2003 and the cause of inflammation acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Most infected people suffer from acute inflammation of the respiratory tract accompanied by a fever and cough and shortness or breathing difficulties, and some cases have inflammation lightly in the respiratory tract. The viruses from an infected person move to the non-infected person also transmitted between persons in contact with each other, and are currently being verified cases of infection in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, France, Tunisia and the United Kingdom (UK). There is currently no vaccine or specific disease treatment, and the health care support and help to alleviate the symptoms of the incidence of these emerging infections, knowing that the laboratory tests are available in the Virus Lab at HMC.

Coronavirus Proven Treatment

The unification of the term (disease name):

It was noted that since the discovery of this type of virus used the media and several scientific symposia for many terms and different for this virus to facilitate communication with individuals in general process, and it decided a working group (Coronavirus) in the International Commission on ratings viruses using the term coronavirus that causes AIDS in Middle. And yet we do not have conclusive evidence on how the transmission of the virus, but there is a high probability to the possibility of moving through mixing closely with patients or through body secretions of an infected person, such as droplets during coughing, sneezing or moving indirectly by touching or simulation Hands of contaminated surfaces with the virus and laying on of hands on the mouth, eye or nose afterwards. Supreme Council of Health advised to take precautions and which is to wash your hands well, especially after shaking hands or touching any sick person and cover the nose cloth (tissue paper) during coughing or sneezing and throw it in the basket designated for that trash.

The Supreme Council of Health surveillance and follow-up closely to all cases of acute respiratory infection Who’s in the hospital, and the Supreme Council of Health still in touch closely with the World Health Organization and anti-Communicable Diseases to see any new developments or international recommendations on Corona emerging virus centers.

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