What The Color Of Your Pee Says About Your Health

You can have good control over your health with just certain observations. You can make certain assumptions about your health with just paying close attention on the colour of your pee. It will help you learn if you are properly hydrated, if the organs are working properly, or if there is any dysfunction.
The colour of the pee varies from transparent to pink to yellow and it indicates the health of certain organs and how much hydrated you are and by this way you can determine what necessary steps you can take to deal with the problems, if any.

According to certain health experts, they stated that simple state of hydration can bring a lot of changes that can affect huge number of things we can do. Different shades of pee from dark to white can just be a sign of how much water you are taking and how much you are getting it out.

What the color of your urine says about your health

If you observe different colour in your pee, there could be some other factors that affects different organs. For example if there is blood in the urine, you may have something wrong with the kidneys, urethra, bladder infection, prostate cancer and may be due to urinary tract. If it is brown in colour, it may indicate the problem in liver. Urine inspection is the first step towards organs screening that you can observe at home without any equipment or something, just clear observation is required.


Being hydrated is a good thing but being over hydrated can cause serious health hazards. If your pee loos lie water and is completely clear or transparent in colour, this indicates that you are drinking more water than you need and you are over hydrated. Being over hydrated means, you might be dissolving essential salts in your body as well. Water is good but make sure you drink the amount of water that you need.

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