Clear Your Skin Without Wasting Money: DIY Pore Strip Removers That Really Work

Pore strips are such material that is sticky and applied on the nose to remove the blockage of pores. Today we are going to share a recipe for making pore strips. It is an easy recipe that cleans your skin without damaging. This is the best way to clean pores on nose with just 2 ingredients.


  • 1 tablespoon Gelatin
  • 2 tablespoon milk
  • A disposable cup
  • A stick for stirring

Homemade Pore Strips Recipe To Remove Blackheads


1. Take a disposable cup and put gelatin into it.

2. Add milk into it.

3. Mix it well until it is thoroughly combined.

4. It will become lumps. Heat it for ten seconds in a microwave.

5. Immediately applied it on the skin where there is clogged pores, after giving the heat because it will start hard as it is cooled.

6. Allow this mixture to dry.

7. Peel it off and throw away and wash your face.


1. For making the mixture use disposable cups because the mixture is sticky and it is impossible to clean the utensils so use disposable materials like disposable cup and stick for stirring.

2. Keep this mixture away from bald spot to avoid discomfort.

3. This mixture has a bad smell if to avoid bad smell essential oil or lemon juice is used it may irritate the skin.

4. Before applying for the skin test on a small portion.

5. Avoid applying makeup just after using pore strips.

6. The skin may be temporarily red but do not rub it.

7. Wash your face properly before applying it because it may react with impurities.

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