Cell Phones may cause Brain Cancer: Study

The use of mobile phones leads to many of the health risks, the most important of brain cancer! How so? Here the following study.

Found a new study published in the Journal Informed Electromagnetic Biology & Medicine that the use of mobile phones affects human health negatively, it also increases the risk of suffering certain types of brain cancer!

The study showed that X-ray that comes out of these devices have negative long-term health effects, the simplest skin sensitivity, chronic fatigue and injury through to high risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, headaches and finally cancer. Through these rays cause disturbances in the body’s balance of injury and oxidative stress-oxidative stress, which in turn leads to the destruction of cells in addition to doing the destruction of DNA.

Mobile Phone Radiation affect Brain

The researchers concluded that the use of cell phones twenty minutes a day over five years, raising the risk of a specific type of brain cancer three times, and increases the severity of this risk in the event of the use of the phone for two hours a day.

The researchers pointed to the need to reduce the length of time for the use of mobile phones, especially by children, because the health risks resulting from the use of these phones are more dangerous to the children themselves.

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