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6 Essential Vitamins Every Woman Needs

Women of all ages need to take a lot of vitamins, so as to obtain better health, and reduce the incidence of serious diseases such as heart disease and cancer. In addition to pregnant women that need to be vitamins such as “9 B” which reduces the fetal injury of neural tube defects such as

Antiperspirants/Deodorants may lead to Breast Cancer

German Organization Conservation of Nature (BUND) warned for the use of deodorants containing aluminum salts; where suspected it increases the chances of developing breast cancer, although the scientific evidence on the harmful impact of this is still not enough. Therefore German Organization also recommends throwing a closer look at the contents of the package when

The Best 10 Foods That Prevent Breast Cancer

The daily lifestyle, poor nutrition, bad habits such as smoking, a leading cause of breast cancer, so it is advisable to stay away from these causes, and to resort to exercise, eat healthy foods most famous broccoli, salmon, which helps reduce the incidence of breast cancer, according to the recent research. Mushroom Study found that

5 Natural Ways to Conceive a Male Baby

There are many false beliefs and non-scientific reports that people are considering about having a male. In this article we are sharing some true and research based information to have male baby, the given information may increase more chances of male baby. Notably to avoid eating foods that contain a large percentage of acidity such

Natural ways to stop or delay menstrual cycle

Is your wedding date approaches, or you are about to travel for Hajj, and worried about the arrival of the menstrual cycle? With the approach of the pilgrimage season and the many joys in this period, many girls and women want to delay the date of the menstrual cycle. But what the consequences of anxiety
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