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3 Most Effective Exercises To Ease Foot Pain

Daily Massage of feet is often associated with better health of different organs of body as if a remote control system is fixed in them. It becomes relevant when it’s told that hundreds of moving parts are linked up in your feet. Your feet have in compilation 66 joints (33 in each foot), 52 bones

Take a Virtual Tour Through Your Lady Parts

Amidst all the gruelling and exhausting demands of our super busy lives, we often neglect our body and its health. While all of us have lots of time to scroll down our newsfeeds or play candy crush, we seldom find time to take a look at our body’s anatomy. Now for a woman, it is

8 Best Natural Supplements for Better Sex

Your sexual relationship with your life partner is mostly affected when life gets chaotic. Your sex drive can arrive at any time without specific intervals and it becomes essential to satisfy this sexual need. Some couples have fixed the intervals of sex between them with mutual consent, but sometimes it becomes difficult to fulfill the

6 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Breast Size

In West increased breast size is taken as fashion. Women use fillers, injections, and other treatments to increase it. In Eastern countries, this problem is less but from the last years, it is becoming very common. The diet pattern is effecting on size. In the market, breast enlargement creams are also available but it is better
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