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7 Best Healing Foods

There are a lot of foods that not only taste good but also affect your body in a positive way. There are some healing foods that not just help you stay healthy but it also boosts up your immune system. There are seven foods which help in healing and fighting a lot of stomach diseases.

6 Foods That Cause Poop Problems While Running

Keep in mind that time you got looseness of the bowels amid a marathon and scarcely made it to the port-a-john? It turns out you are following after some admirable people: Gastrointestinal (GI) trouble fundamentally impacts an expansive number of world class competitors, and it might be far more terrible for the individuals who are

5 Amazing Tips to Eat More and Lose Weight

5 simple tips to help you cut calories and stay fulfilled. If you are exhausted and tired of hearing diet advices, we have a good news for you and you are truly going to love the news. Ph.D. professor, Barbara Rolls stated that if you pick foods lower in calories but larger in volume, you

Three Drinks to Lower Blood Pressure

When you are suffering from high blood pressure and in desperate need of reducing it, try to think beyond cutting calories, reducing salt and fat. And focus on what you can add to your everyday diet plan. Consuming more vegetables, more fruits and lean proteins can help you lower your blood pressure. In addition to

How Much Turmeric Should You Actually Be Taking?

What’s the Perfect Amount of Turmeric Your Body Requires? It’s often said that pain is an indication of health problem or else you would have died unaware. Inflammation is more of an apparent sign of health issues from auto-immune system disorders to bloating. It becomes self-explanatory that how turmeric that fights inflammation became popular spice

6 Foods That Can Lower Your Appetite

Are you sick of being dictated with similar diet choices like popcorns, yogurt, salads, nuts and apple? Your energy level drops too soon and you are craving for more? Now, you will feel satiated with foods that’ll supply you with long-term energy along with curbing of your appetite. What’s the secret? They are fibrous and