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3 Most Effective Exercises To Ease Foot Pain

Daily Massage of feet is often associated with better health of different organs of body as if a remote control system is fixed in them. It becomes relevant when it’s told that hundreds of moving parts are linked up in your feet. Your feet have in compilation 66 joints (33 in each foot), 52 bones

6 Foods That Cause Poop Problems While Running

Keep in mind that time you got looseness of the bowels amid a marathon and scarcely made it to the port-a-john? It turns out you are following after some admirable people: Gastrointestinal (GI) trouble fundamentally impacts an expansive number of world class competitors, and it might be far more terrible for the individuals who are

5 Amazing Tips to Eat More and Lose Weight

5 simple tips to help you cut calories and stay fulfilled. If you are exhausted and tired of hearing diet advices, we have a good news for you and you are truly going to love the news. Ph.D. professor, Barbara Rolls stated that if you pick foods lower in calories but larger in volume, you

17 Foods Better Than Therapy and Weight Loss

Some foods that are good for the waistline; which are not very fattening too are also good mood boosters. When it comes to maintaining good and healthy weight, one has to make sure to feed the body with healthy and nutritious food. Healthy food is the key to a healthy mind and healthy body. We

The Secret to Losing Belly Fat

Abs can greatly be strengthened by concentrating on crunches. However, these crunches are not helpful in getting rid of fat around your waist. If you want to reduce belly fat, then you have to do calorie-burning cardio workouts on regular basis. Besides these cardio exercises, it is essential to concentrate on interval training. The key
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