Aspirin may double survival for cancer patients

Aspirin is one of the most commonly used drugs in many countries, and away from the well-known benefits, researchers have discovered that aspirin doubles the chances of survival of people with bowel cancer, what are the preventive properties of aspirin?

Many of aspirin remedy when you feel a headache or to reduce the effects of colds, but a recent study monitored the new benefits of aspirin, including helping to increase the chances of survival of patients with gastric cancer, especially when taken on a regular basis.

The study, conducted by Dutch researchers doubled survival rate for patients with bowel cancer who eat small doses of aspirin, but on a regular basis.

Aspirin Treatment for Colon Cancer

Martina, Researcher at Leiden University said: “The launch of aspirin in the markets in 1897 as a painkiller, and in the eighties of the last century studies have shown preventive impact to protect against heart attack and stroke, and later was monitored preventive characteristics for patients of cancer through scientific studies”.

The study relied on data about 14 thousand of patients with gastric cancer (ranging from colorectal cancer and intestinal) in the period between 1998 and 2011, those who ate a simple dose of aspirin for prevention of stroke and heart attack.

According to the data of patients, the 5.30 percent of them took aspirin before diagnosis of cancer and 3.8 began after the diagnosis while the percentage of 1.61 percent of them did not deal with aspirin at all. For patients who took aspirin after being diagnosed with cancer their survival for a period of five years, the percentage rose after diagnosis by 75 percent, while the ratio was 42 percent only among patients who did not take aspirin at all.

Experts attribute the positive effect of aspirin on cancer patients, to its effect on blood platelets, which play a role in the prevention of bleeding in case of clogged veins. Experts believe that platelets surrounding the tumor to hide from the immune system. Aspirin acts on the block this function in platelets.

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