This Is What Appendicitis Really Feels Like

Many individuals are still unaware with the actual purpose of appendix. This organ helps in clearing bad things but it can result into severe condition “appendicitis” if it gets inflamed. People suffering from appendicitis may experience pain, fever, infection and nausea. Appendix sometimes burst and can be lethal if it is not treated rapidly.

Ruptured Appendix Symptoms in Adults

Appendicitis is a common illness and affects nearly 5% of people. You can be affected by this illness at any stage. However, the most susceptible age range is between 10-30 years. Appendicitis is usually treated by surgery in which the organ is completely removed. Appendicitis mostly occurs due to the blockage of appendix with stool, cancer or foreign body. Sometimes, the blockage is also caused by infection in any part of body. Surgery is carried out before the busting of appendix so that the infection may not spread to other organs.

Symptoms of Appendicitis

The most obvious symptom of appendicitis is severe pain on right side of lower body. Some individuals also get pain in their stomach or abdomen. Belly pain and diarrhea are also the symptoms of appendicitis. Some people have also reported constipation before they were diagnosed with this disease. Bloating is yet another symptom. Continuous vomiting and nausea for few days can also be the indication of appendicitis. Your appetite may also be reduced under this condition.

Rebound tenderness can also be caused due to intense pain in lower part of abdomen. We also have stories in which the patients have not developed any of these symptoms but they were diagnosed with appendicitis. In United States of America, 1 out of every 15 individuals gets appendicitis at any age. The most common symptoms of appendicitis in pregnant women include nausea, vomiting, heart burn, constipation, diarrhea and stomach cramps.

Pain Medication for Appendicitis

All of you must be careful if you experience any of these symptoms so that you can avoid any fatal situation.

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