9 Surprising Things Women Should Never Do To Their Breasts

Like most of the young women on earth, I clearly remember the time when my breasts started to grow big in my teen years. It was quite awkward either personally or socially because it’s all new addition that makes our emotions and hormones quite intense. But with time, we get to know the best possible ways to deal with these baggage on the top of our chest.

Most of the women around us are pretty much unaware or completely wrong about what they put their breasts through. And a lot of us are facing long-lasting discomfort that could easily be avoided and this can literally put our health in danger. Paying no attention towards this sensitive area of the body can cause serious health hazards that need to be avoided. Following are the facts and wrongs, a woman must know and avoid about her breasts, have a look:

1. Wearing Wrong Sized Bra

Wearing actual right size of the bra is one of the most important things women should do to her breast. Because the wrong size might cause severe discomfort and enduring health hazards. Only 1 women out of 4, wears the right size of the bra, and most of them are wearing the smaller size for certain reasons. The smaller sized bra, make the cleavage look nice and boobs appear big. But this too makes you feel quite uncomfortable and squeezing them into smaller cups curbs the blood circulation that causes scar tissues to form and these tissues lead to breast cancer.

Band Size Bra Chart

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