8 Foods to Control Appetite and Weight Loss

There is no doubt that control your appetite and weight is not an easy task, and diet recipes abound that promise, but health experts believe that weight loss can be achieved if we ate foods inhibitor of appetite.

Control Appetite and Reduce Weight

Foods to Control Appetite and Weight Loss


Although the apple is one of the more high-fiber fruits, but the fiber found in most of the apple pear, one study showed that eating three grains of pears per day helps to reduce weight is more than eating a high amount of oat fiber.


The beans of the legume that contains the substance cholecystokinin, a hormone is secreted during digestion and is considered as a natural inhibitor of appetite, as well as that beans are a good source of protein and contain a high proportion of fiber, which promotes a feeling of fullness.


A subsidiary of the US Department of Agriculture Studies demonstrated and published that cinnamon helps regulate insulin levels in the blood, and therefore play an important role in the transfer of hunger signals to the brain, as well as that cinnamon helps to reduce the feeling of hunger in the evening.


Pepper contains a substance Alcabassaesen, a substance that promotes the metabolism, as well as the hot taste helps to less food intake, may have material Alcabassaesen role in reducing appetite or may have the effect of pain on the tongue signals due to the hot taste role in reducing appetite, and the any case, spices great way to inhibit appetite.


Eating vegetables helps to consume less calories during the day. The reason is that light foods such as raw vegetables allow to obtain a high amount of nutrients and calories, and eating large amounts of which enhances the feeling of satiety.

Olive oil

It is well known that eating small amounts of fat promotes a feeling of fullness, and many studies confirmed that olive oil is the best type of fat, reduce appetite, it is important to moderate intake of olive oil, a small amount it handled an effective influence to curb the appetite.


Almonds contain fiber and healthy fats, and this combination makes perfect almonds to stave off hunger, as the study showed that people who eat almonds lose weight more than those who eat fiber-rich complex carbohydrates.


Vinegar affects the speed of digestion of food, a number of studies have shown that people who eat meals added to vinegar, tend to fewer calories than those who consume other kinds of spices consumption.

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