7 Natural Recipes to Get Rid of Phlegm

Phlegm usually happens when there is a change in seasons such as fall and winter. It is the result of colds and respiratory infections, and although it does not represent a serious health problem, but the symptoms caused inconvenience notably runny nose, cough, and difficulty in breathing.

There are many natural alternatives to prescription drugs that help in getting rid of phlegm quickly.

Best Home Remedies for Phlegm Treatment


Honey contains anti-virus, bacteria, and anti-fungal properties that help in getting rid of phlegm. In addition, it contains antiseptic properties that help to boost the immune system to fight the infection faster.

Steam Inhalation

Steam inhalation is the best and simplest way to get rid of phlegm. Steam inhalation through the nose helps in sputum conversion into a liquid, so it is easy to eliminate it.


Gargling with warm salt water and other easy way to treat phlegm, which helps to soothe the throat, and it helps to get rid of the bacteria that can cause infection, and thus reduces the production of phlegm.


Lemon is an element powers to ease mucus and phlegm. In addition, it contains antibacterial substances, as well as it is rich in vitamin ā€œCā€ that improves the body’s resistance to infection.


Of more foods that help in getting rid of throat infections and respiratory system, in order to contain the anti-viral substances, germs and loosen phlegm and congestion.


Turmeric has a strong antiseptic properties help reduce phlegm by eliminating the bacteria that cause the production of mucus. In addition it contributes to strengthen the immune system, and thus reduces the infection.

Chicken Soup

Helps in moisturizing the airways and soothe the throat, get rid of phlegm.

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