6 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Breast Size

In West increased breast size is taken as fashion. Women use fillers, injections, and other treatments to increase it. In Eastern countries, this problem is less but from the last years, it is becoming very common. The diet pattern is effecting on size. In the market, breast enlargement creams are also available but it is better to increase its size naturally. Here are some effective tips that increase your breast size naturally. These tips do not have side effects and work wonders.

Best Ways to Increase Breast Size without Surgery

1. Herbs

There are some herbs that develop the mammary glands and ultimately increase the breast size. In a combination of healthy diet and herbal supplement, work wonders. Some herbs are Wild Yam, Fenugreek, Damiana, Fennel, Saw Palmetto etc are such herbs that consist of several Phyto-estrogens and responsible for breast enlargement.

2. Try This Magical Drink

There is a drink that causes breast size to increase.


  • 1- 2 teaspoon Papaya
  • One glass Milk
  • 1 teaspoon Honey or Sugar


Take a blender, add papaya and sugar into it and blend properly. Take a glass daily and increase your breast size. This drink contains a lot of vitamins that helps to increase the breast size.

3. Exercise

There is the wrong concept when we do exercise our breast size decrease. Firstly when we do exercise we lose calories and ultimately fat then we have an effect on the breast. Our breast does not have bones and muscles, actually it consists of tissues. These tissues can expand by doing exercise. Push up is such an exercise that is helpful in increasing your breast size. Some exercise strong pectoral muscles that have the visual effect of large breasts.

4. Eat Protein

If you want to increase your breast size, then eat protein. Make part of your diet the protein based food like egg, meat, and milk. Proteins increase the muscles size in this context the breast size increases.

5. Breast Enlargement Creams

Breast enlargement creams are available in the market. Select a good one. Massage in the circular motion on your chest with your fingers on a regular basis. Sometimes theses creams are more effective than that of another thing.

6. Be Patient

It is not possible that change could happen overnight so be patient and consistent. Try these methods and you will see results after few months.

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