6 Things Your Earwax Says About Your Health

In our body, there are certain indications which tell us about our general health status. For example color of our saliva indicates so many diseases like; if someone’s saliva color is yellow it shows chest congestion, red color shows there’s blood coming out with your saliva due to any internal bleeding. Same as saliva, our eyes are also mirror of our health status for example yellow eyes shows jaundice, red eyes indicates infection etc.

Like eyes and saliva, ear wax can also play crucial role to identify your health. Ear wax is not examined clinically during examination, but new researches have proven its efficacy to lead towards some diseases.

Doctor for Ear Wax Removal

There are some considerations which your ear wax tells you about your health. There are some types of wax which you may have seen in your cotton bud, let me tell you some realities about them:

1. Watery and Greenish Tint

Have you ever noticed some watery discharge from your ear? When you clean up your ear with cotton bud, it reveals some greenish ear wax. If yes, then you should consult your doctor because it indicates ear infection. Mainly, the causative agent of such kind of infections is fungus but other organism can also invade ear infections.

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