6 strange and useful uses of sugar

There is no doubt that the sugar plays a key role in the preparation of sweets and sweetening drinks. But what if we told you that its uses go beyond the limits of the kitchen towards the other amazing benefits? It can be used in many useful things all over the house, and you did not think of that!

– Maintaining the rose bouquets:

Do you want to lengthen the duration of a bouquet of fresh cut roses and placed in a vase? Add a little sugar when you change the water every time, with a little vinegar put too!

– Keeping harmful diseases of plants:

Well, spend the weeds and diseases that may infect your plants through a little sugar sprinkled on the soil between now and then!

– Maintain a food:

In order to maintain fresh pastries and baked goods, simply add some sugar cubes when placed in the closed conservation boxes. You can do the same thing with cheese, so as to keep the problem of mold for a longer time.

Uses of Sugar at Home

– Remove grass stains from clothing:

Do you find it difficult to remove the green grass stains on clothes? Make a paste of sugar and water on the spot for half an hour before putting them in the washing machine to wash the ordinary course!

– Remove grease from your hands:

Pour immediately fatty stubborn stains and black grease from your hands by adding a little sugar to the liquid when washing hands, and rubbing with a little water!

– Keep insects out of your garden:

Do you want to get rid of flying insects, especially bees and mosquitoes? Are looking for an effective way to get rid of insects without resorting to chemicals may cause health damage to you and your family? Take boil two cups of water with half a cup of sugar and a little black pepper. Pour the mixture into the cooled after plastic vial clean, this mixture will keep you away from insects!

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