6 Slimming Foods That Boost Your Immunity

There are two main reasons why you become a target of many diseases. Talking about diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure issues, one of the major reasons is obesity. Being overweight is not only the matter of appearance, it can bring along a lot of physical and mental health issues.

Then, your weak immune system is another major reason why your body becomes the target of many viruses and diseases etc. The viruses can be very common too, like flu, cold etc.

Nature has blessed us with foods that can fight both these issues at the same time. These easily available foods not only help you lose weight but also boost your immunity.

Laura Manning, RD of Mount Sinai Medical Center tells about a few foods that help you stay slim and keep yourself away from the doctor. These foods are:

1. Oranges

You can barely find an issue in your body that oranges can’t help you with. They fight the viruses that attack your body, give you electrolytes, repair tissues and increase the bone strength. It is said that oranges cannot prevent cold from happening. However, they do help you with treating it. Also, their juicy flavor is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings without you having to eat sweets or baked goods. Besides all that, it helps a lot with your weight related issues.

Blood Orange Juice Health Benefits

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