6 Scary Reasons Your Eyes Are Acting Weird

The eyes are not just the window to your soul, in fact, they tell a great deal about your health and wellbeing as well. Your eyes indicate if some severe infection or illness has taken hold of any of your body organs, and symptoms of illnesses such as hepatitis, diabetes and autoimmune disorders show up in your eyes first. There are some common eye infections that tend to be less severe, for instance macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma.

It is important to understand that all your body organs are connected to each other and create one big network. Similarly, your eyes are connected to all the body organs, along with the central nervous system. Now, if you experience an infection, illness or stroke, your eyes will also get affected by it like the rest of your body.

Eye Reading for Health

If you feel something is wrong with your vision, it seems blurred or distorted in some way, or you experience pain in or around your eyes, don’t hesitate to consult an eye specialist and rule out the cause.

Here are 6 major reasons that can cause infections and ailments to emerge in your eyes:

1. Thyroid ailments

The thyroid resembles the shape of a butterfly, and it is an organ situated in your neck. It is responsible for controlling the hormones that aid in controlling your metabolism and growth. If your thyroid gets damaged or fails to perform any of its functions, it leads to serious disruption and damage within your key body organs. These ailments include congestion in the eyes sockets that make your eyes appear bigger and bulged out, double vision and swelling in the eyes muscles.

If your thyroids become affected by Grave’s disease, a severe autoimmune disorder, your eyelids begin to retract, and this causes your eyes to look twice as big as their normal size. In certain cases, the eyelids retract to such an extent that it is difficult to close the eyes, and this leads to dry eye because the lids cannot lock moisture inside.

Thyroid Disorders and Symptoms

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