6 Natural Recipes for the Treatment of Greasy Hair

Greasy hair always needs special attention, both in the wash or comb. There are some natural recipes that help reduce the secretion of fat in the scalp to give the appearance of healthy hair. As you must use the right way and the right tools for combing.

Greasy hair problem usually appears during adolescence, but the problem stretch beyond this stage indicates that the hair needs special care. Here are some tips to deal with greasy hair problems in addition to natural materials to care for it to help reduce the secretion of excess fat:

How to cure greasy hair

Proper washing of hair:

Experts are advised to abandon daily hair washing who are having greasy hair, because this stimulates the scalp cells to produce more fat. It is also important to ensure that the remnants of shampoo wash well because they increase the greasy hair.

Lemon to clean the scalp:

The best material to wash greasy hair is as lemon. Take a lemon and a quarter of liter water and then put it on the hair, after washing and left for some time before rinse hair well.

Natural care:

Three tablespoons of herbs chamomile, nettle and rosemary and put them in 100 milligrams of boiling water and then put a little apple cider vinegar to the mixture and use it weekly on hair after washing, according to the tips published on the German website.

Comb or brush?:

Prefer to move away from the owners of greasy hair brush that transport fat from the hair roots to the parties, relying on the comb with a lot of not comb the hair during the day. It is also important to wash hair comb once a week shampoo against fat.


Leave the hair to dry naturally, it is much better than using dryer for those having greasy hair, but in cases of emergency you must use the dryer on low temperature heat so as not to stimulate the production of fat cells in the scalp.

Dry shampoo:

The advantages of using an alternative to dry shampoo to wash the hair, it gives hair the density who lacks usually greasy hair.

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