6 Foods That Cause Poop Problems While Running

Keep in mind that time you got looseness of the bowels amid a marathon and scarcely made it to the port-a-john? It turns out you are following after some admirable people: Gastrointestinal (GI) trouble fundamentally impacts an expansive number of world class competitors, and it might be far more terrible for the individuals who are not in Pinnacle condition.If you are an athlete, then you must be familiar with the runner’s trots. Nothing is more emotionally and physically difficult than the runner’s diarrhea. It attacks you when you are on a long run, commonly in the middle of the workout, anywhere at any time especially when you find no place to go (yes- it is that much of wicked). Lauren Slayton, MS, RD, and enthusiastic runner states it: “On the off chance that you don’t have a runner’s diarrhea story to share, you most likely haven’t been running that long.”

Weight Loss Plan for Runners

There is good news for you that there are some food items that surely can trigger the trots more than others. Avoiding them before your workout can reduce the probability of GI attack. Thanks to Slayton and two other enrolled dietitians who give a detailed account on these “risky eats” and give the recommendations of the food that must be swapped with them.

1. Avoid: Spicy foods

Why does spicy food make you sweat

If you have the fondness for a spicy food than you might have trouble in the running. The spicy food contains the chemical named Capsaicin. It is a major component of the peppers which make them spicy to taste. On the other hand, it is notorious to induce an irritation in the small and large intestine lining. Knowing the fact that exercise triggers the digestion and you had a spicy food just before the workout, then you can imagine the results could be explosive.

Replace With:

Harbstreet advice to use the complex carbs like brown rice and vegetables. On the off chance that you plan to run post supper, tone down the warmth and select a milder menu alternatives. After having a mild supper, permit a few hours for processing before hitting the road.

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