6 Foods That Can Lower Your Appetite

Are you sick of being dictated with similar diet choices like popcorns, yogurt, salads, nuts and apple? Your energy level drops too soon and you are craving for more? Now, you will feel satiated with foods that’ll supply you with long-term energy along with curbing of your appetite.

What’s the secret? They are fibrous and sometimes take longer to get digested. Marjorie Nolan Cohan, who is owner of MNC Nutrition, explained that digestion requires 5 -10 % energy of body and foods that are harder to digest require more work and also burning of more extra-calories. A list of 6 foods can work the magic for you.


Barley is apparently a carbohydrate most often linked with supplying of short-term energy boost but surprisingly enough it has been found to be functioning oppositely by a study done at Lund University in Sweden. It actually has fibrous content that makes its digestion difficult resulting in lesser risk of diabetes (as sugar level drops with curbing of appetite).

According to another study done on middle-aged people, bread made of kernels of barley enhanced metabolic rate by 3 times/ day and lowered blood insulin level leading to a healthier lifestyle. Barley grains can be added to your regular soups, salads and stews and even in your ice-creams. Search for the recipe that you prefer.

Does Barley Have Protein

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