5 Reasons Why Your Kidneys Need a Detox and How To Do It Naturally

Every organ has its own importance in the body. The kidney is one of the vital organs of the body. There are two bean-shaped kidneys in our body. Our urinary system is attached to it and works properly if our kidneys health is good. Kidneys extract waste from the blood and excrete it through the urinary system.

Today kidney diseases are becoming very common like kidney stones, nephrotic syndrome, proteinuria, kidney injury etc. some diseases are in genetics like polycystic kidney disease. In this disease, cyst becomes in the kidney and causes the kidney damage. There are some other diseases that effect on kidney health like diabetes and high blood pressure that causes chronic kidney failure. Sometimes in diabetes, the resistance of protein in the urine increases and generates the nephronic syndrome. When the level of crystal-forming substances increases in the urine then small stones are made in the kidneys. In some conditions, stones are passed through the urinary tract and sometimes retain in the kidney that needs medication.

How to Clean Your Kidneys with Natural Remedies

We are consuming a lot of chemicals and toxins that increases the burden on kidneys. Because these kidneys protect our bodies from harmful toxins and filter out them. When burden on kidneys increases then kidneys working slow down and harmful toxins do not excrete from the body completely.

These were some reasons of why kidneys need a detox and now we are going to share how to detox your kidneys naturally.

Drink Water:

We should drink plenty of water. If the consumption of water is less then we pass smelled urine and more acidic. To dilute it we should drink water in excess. According to an estimate, we should drink almost three liters water. If urine is clear and less concentrated it means that it is toxin free.

Take Potassium:

We should take the diet that is rich in potassium. Milk and yogurt are rich in potassium and help kidneys for proper functioning.

Raw Food:

We should take raw food rather than processed food. You can also go for organic food.

Fruits and Vegetables:

Add fruits and vegetables to your diet. Change your diet pattern. Parsley, tomatoes, celery, watermelon, grapes, cucumber, bananas, kiwis, apricot, sweet lime, oranges are very good for kidneys.

Avoid it:

Avoid smoking because it directly effects on lungs and kidneys. Alcohol, chocolate, caffeine has an adverse effect on kidneys.

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