5 Proven Reasons Why Coca Cola is Not for Human Consumption

Many of you might be addicted to Coca Cola. Individuals use to keep this soft drink in the pantry or refrigerator. Coca Cola has many uses despite being a soft drink. Here in this article I will share some of the reasons of not consuming Coca Cola. All of you will be surprised to know about these reasons and next time you will avoid consuming it. Coca Cola is made up with several preservatives just like other soft drinks. Majority of these ingredients are really corrosive and acidic, therefore these can cause substantial amount of organ, bone, and esophagus damage.

Coca Cola Unhealthy Facts

Sugar content of Coca Cola is really alarming. If you are consuming too much sugar then your body becomes addicted to it that can be harmful for your overall health. Following are some of the uses of Coca Cola.

1. Removes Oil Stain

Are you worried about your oil stains? If yes, then Coca Cola can help you out in this regard. Just take some cola and soak oil stain in it. Then aggressively scrub it. You will notice that oil stain came out instantly. Some individuals have obtained best results by using this procedure on their clothes.

2. Cleans Car Battery

Car battery usually gets corrosion that is hard to clean and no one will prefer to spend $100 on new car battery. All you need to do is just soak your car battery in coca cola for few minutes. Then clean it with cloth for making it look new.

3. Clean Your Toilet

A lot of dirt gets stick in toilet and sometimes it becomes difficult to clean it with commercial toilet scrubs that are available in marketplace. The acid found in coca cola can cut any of these stains. Pour a can full of coca cola in toilet. Then leave it for just 5 minutes. After that, flush it and you will notice that there are no stains left on your toilet.

4. Removes Rust

You can also apply coca cola on metallic surface for removing rust, such as on your cars, kitchen knives and tools.

5. Shines Up Coins

Dirty coins look ugly and they also contain a lot of germs. Soak all of your dirty coins in 1 cup coca cola. Then wash with warm water for shining them up.

None of you would like to drink a soft drink that is best for removing toilet stains, oil stains, rust and corrosion. All the acids used in manufacturing coca cola are extremely harmful for entire body. Avoid drinking this soft drink otherwise you can face hazardous effects.

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