5 Plants For Your Bedroom To Help You Sleep Better

This article is really helpful for those individuals who have trouble sleeping at night. Proper sleeping is very essential and effective for every human being and those who lack sleeping can face too many problems. These problems will affect both mental and physical health of any individual. Those who are facing this problem usually feel continuous pain in their eyes and head which can disturb their inner and outer health and feelings.

It is a fact when anyone of us sitting behind tree and grass we feel much better as these are natural and God gifted things which helps in improving our health and keeps us refreshing. In this article I am telling you some plants’ names which can help anyone to sleep well but before telling the names I am telling you some best and important benefits of indoor plants.

  • Improve your brain function
  • Reduce your anxiety level and stress
  • Better sleep
  • Boost mood
  • Give relief from headache
  • Prevention from illness/cold
  • Better smell

Best Plants for Bedroom for Better Sleep

A research by NASA proved that bringing flowers and plants inside your home especially your room will help any individual to sleep better. These plants or flowers are as follow.

1. Snake Plant

It is one of the recommended and best plants for improving the air quality of your bedroom. People can use this plant for their indoor interior decorating as it is low in cost and maintenance. This plant will work as a filter which helps in filtering your oxygen purity where you have placed it. Snake plant will increase your productivity throughout the whole day, keeps you away from headaches, improves your respiratory symptoms and prevents from eye irritation.

2. Aloe Vera Plant

This is one of best plant for indoors because it can be easily produced and familiar with another name of “Plant of Immortality”. In NASA list, aloe vera is known as best air improving plant because it helps in emitting the maximum oxygen at night time. This plant provides the countless benefits of health and will keep alive for as long as they can. Simply this plant helps in improving the quality to sleep better and enhances the oxygen supply mostly at night time assisting insomnia.

3. English Ivy Plant

Another study was performed by NASA in which the English Ivy Plant was found to be best for air purifying. It is effective for absorbing the formaldehyde easily from your room and helps anyone to sleep better and relaxed. This plant can be grown at indoor homes easily because it can be exposed to the medium light of sun and blossom in the moderate temperature of room. This plant can easily be afforded by everyone so those who want to improve their sleep must place this plant in their bedroom for better results.

Plants that induce sleep

4. Lavender Plant

This plant helps in decreasing your blood pressure and heart rate. This plant is well known for reducing the stress and anxiety, helps babies for stopping crying and improves your sleep quality. Those people who have planted lavender plant inside their home felt more energetic and refreshing when they wake up early in morning. This plant is neither a therapy for the insomnia but this plant’s essence is available in the form of sachets, candles and oils which will change the environment of room and will help anyone to sleep well and better.

5. Jasmine Plant

Individuals can place this jasmine plant near to their desk or bed because of its soothing effect and cool smell. Also this plant will help in improving the sleep quality who feel disturbance especially at night. Moreover this plant will diminish anxiety and stress plus assist in improving cognitive skills.

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