5 Natural Ways to Conceive a Male Baby

There are many false beliefs and non-scientific reports that people are considering about having a male. In this article we are sharing some true and research based information to have male baby, the given information may increase more chances of male baby. Notably to avoid eating foods that contain a large percentage of acidity such as meat and fish; on the contrary, these foods contain important iron and protein to the fetus.

How to get pregnant with a Baby Boy

Some studies conducted by Boston University of America noted that the quality of food in the pregnancy play a big role in determining the sex of the fetus, whether male or female, and if you want to mention you by following these steps and tips according to the site “WebMD”.

How to get pregnant with a baby boy

  • Full stay away from smoking, and avoid caffeine, such as coffee, and soft drinks.
  • Eat foods that contain calcium found in milk component, in addition to potassium in potatoes, and bananas.
  • Continuously eating corn at breakfast, where a study by the British research indicated that eating more than a cup of corn in one week, to have a more chances of reproduction mentioned by about 24%.
  • Eating foods that contain vitamins, the most important vitamin “12B” in meat and fish, and “C”, such as citrus fruits, and “E” such as nuts and olive oil.

Researchers at the Swedish University also noted that the most erroneous habits of smoking in men has negatively affects the “Chromosome Y “, which has a role in male reproduction.

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