4 Supplements That Don’t Mix With Medicines

All natural things are not always safe and we shouldn’t be considering taking them just because they are natural. There are some natural supplements that have numerous health benefits to the body but still every individual has different body and system so if one thing suits to another, it doesn’t mean it will same as good for you. So before you take any supplement like natural herb or spice you must consult your doctor first or at least have detailed research about the topic.

There are 4 different supplements that you must not consume if you are on following medications.

1. St. John’s Wort

Don’t take with antidepressants.

St. John’s Wort is supplement connected to depression and anxiety problems but if you are taking any kind of antidepressant or any depression drug, you must not consume this supplement. When St. John’s Wort is combined with antidepressants, it cause a build-up of the brain cell causing serotonin syndrome. And it’s not just with drugs related to depression but it may have side effects if you are taking few other medications.

St John's Wort Withdrawal Symptoms

If you want to boost your mood and to fight back depression than take fish oil supplements instead. Omega-3 will help you deal with the issue.

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