4 Natural Homemade Tonics for Fast FAT BURN & Effective WEIGHT LOSS!

You must have heard a lot in life that gaining weight is easy and shedding those extra pounds is difficult but trust me this is all a myth. Both are difficult if you don’t remain consistence and don’t use healthy and natural things and both are easy if you change your eating habits and use all natural stuff. And more importantly if you love your body enough to adopt healthy changes. There are some natural drinks and tonics that can change your life with just one glass. Here are the recipes and benefits:

1. Ginger Green Tea:

Ginger is recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties and the aid in digestion, plus it also has great effects on curing gastro problems. Ginger is the important and mandatory kind of spice in Asian cuisine and it is equally popular in European countries as well because of its weight loss properties with any kind of side effects. Then there is green tea. Best antioxidant, relaxing properties, weight loss jump start, healthy fresh skin, and relaxes mind from hypertension. When these two super things are combined, you can wonder how much benefits you can attain with just one drink.

Ginger Green Tea for Weight Loss


  • 1 inch of ginger piece
  • A tea bag of green tea
  • And a cup of water


Steep ginger piece in water for about 2-3 minutes and pour in cup now add tea bag and let it settle for 2-3 minutes and drink every morning before breakfast to see wonderful results in your weight reduction.

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