4 Delicious Drinks For Dropping Belly Fat

Sometimes the drinks we think are safe enough to drink a lot when you are on your weight loss journey but they often contains a lot of calories and can affect your journey. For instance, a glass of chilled lemonade may look too refreshing and light but it still has more than 200 calories in one glass when combined with sugar and salt. And beverages like milkshakes, sodas and carbonated drinks are even worse than that because they contains a lot of calories and fats and we usually don’t notice that fact. Even some healthy drinks like coffee and tea contains a lot of calories when combined with whiteners and artificial sugar.

But that’s nothing to be worried about. There still are a lot of healthy and refreshing drinks, which are lesser in calories and can satisfy your sweet tooth and suppress your craving for sugar. Have a look:

1. Dark Chocolate Shake:

Dark chocolate is enriched with healthy fatty acids and very less calories and some special substance that burns fat. Make sure you know that I’m taking about dark chocolate and not the milky sugary chocolate. Combine pieces of dark chocolate with low fat skim milk and blend with ice cubes. This less calorie and chocolaty drink will suppress your chocolate craving and will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Dark chocolate shake For Dropping Belly Fat

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