4 Best Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss – Tasty and Effective!

Juices are one of the tastiest and fastest ways for getting all important healthy minerals, antioxidants, vitamin and enzymes which our diet is lacking nowadays. Anyone who is looking for some juices which are best for losing your weight then must try these best juicing recipes for weight loss.

Detox and Weight Loss Juice Recipes

These juices are highly nutritious and taste is great. By using these juices, anyone of you can easily reduce more than 20 pounds and above. Here I am telling you some best recipes with which anyone of you can easily reduce weight.

1. The Fruity Blast

You can drink the juice of fruity blast in afternoon and its taste is sweet and strong. This drink is full of nutritious and keeps you healthy and fit. It will also boost your energy when you are on diet and lose your weight. The recipe of fruity blast juice is as follow.


  • Kiwi fruits = 2
  • Apples = 2
  • Nectarines = 2
  • Pineapple = 1/3

Top Fruits for Weight Loss


1.  First remove all the stones from nectarine as well as peel off the skin from pineapple.

2.  Chop up apples and pineapple as they can easily fit in juicer.

3.  Mix all of them and put juice in jar.

4.  Add ice in it and mix well. Enjoy the drink.

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