3 Most Effective Exercises To Ease Foot Pain

Daily Massage of feet is often associated with better health of different organs of body as if a remote control system is fixed in them. It becomes relevant when it’s told that hundreds of moving parts are linked up in your feet. Your feet have in compilation 66 joints (33 in each foot), 52 bones (26 in each foot) and greater than 200 muscles, ligaments and tendons. For this reason, you often face trouble with your feet. Make feet massage or exercise a priority for better functioning of your body!

Major issues related to foot and ankles involves planter fasciitis that results in aching heel as well as bottom of foot, and Achilles tendinopathy, that includes stiffening of the tendons involved in attaching heel bone to calf muscles. Both these conditions are related enough to each other that they coexist most of the times and are diagnosed to be occurring simultaneously.

Bottom of Foot Hurts for No Reason

Misconceptions about treatment of woes of feet exist, according to Murphy Halasz, who works as a DPT at Champion Performance in Physical Therapy, based in Austin. The misconception associated with planter fasciitis is that it occurs because of ‘inflammation’ of plantar fascia, band of tissue that joins bone of heel to toes. But, swollenness of feet is not a trouble to fret over. Halasz reveals the real issue behind the ache is broken tendon without requisite inflammation for the healing process of tendon. Inflammations normally last only for 72 hrs. So, now you can diagnose your feet trouble if your pain lasts longer than 3 days. Halasz says that plantar fasciitis, in many people, is turning into chronic condition.

There are some real effective and efficient ways to treat foot ache, according to Halasz. Chronic pain will only stay an unreal nightmare after implementing these exercises in day-to-day routine.

1. Calf Stretching

At the top works Achilles tendon and at the bottom functions plantar fascia, they both together act as a single unit. When Achilles pulls upwards, plantar fascia, in turn, stretches and shifts. Halasz recommends it as stretch of your calf treats your plantar fasciitis by reorienting the heel

How to Work Out:

Support your heel on ground and prop the toes and ball of your foot against some wall. Steadily lean towards walls and hold yourself for 15 seconds. REPEAT with other foot and work the trick out several times a day.

How to work out your calves

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