17 Foods Better Than Therapy and Weight Loss


Okay so chia seeds are a great source of tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps in boosting ones mood and promotes good and peaceful sleep. The problem here is that it is not produced naturally by our bodies. We have to consume it in order to get it absorbed by our bodies and a good source of tryptophan is chia seeds. Chia seeds also take the lead in being very fibrous so even if it is consumed in something sweet, it will be absorbed slowly in the blood stream without having any blood sugar crashes. Also fiber keeps us full all day.

Chia Diet


Avocado toast has become a hit these days and there are many reasons for it. They are full of healthy fats. These fats are not only good for the heart but also help in absorbing nutrients in other foods that we consume. Diets that are deficient in healthy fats lead to anxiety and depression so it is important to add a dose of avocados in one’s daily routine meals.

Is Avocado Acidic

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