17 Foods Better Than Therapy and Weight Loss

13. KIWI

Many people suffering from depression and anxiety are found to be deficient in folic acid that is why nutritionists recommend eating kiwis. Kiwis are rich in folic acid and vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in lowering the blood pressure and other psychological reactions towards conditions which the brain finds stressful.

How many calories in a Kiwi


Before you get misguided by this heading and head over to grab a bar of Hershey’s chocolate, let me make it clear to you that here I’m talking about pure or almost pure cocoa. The more cocoa is processed, the lesser benefits it has. Disheartened to know, right? I feel you! Anyway, there is not enough cocoa in milk chocolate and hence it does not do much about boosting one’s mood. Foods that are high in sugar, additives, saturated fats and chemicals are likely to make you feel bad than cheer you up as they lead to sugar spikes and crashes. Try to add some pure cocoa to your smoothie or milk or even desserts to get the benefits of chocolate. Eat organic chocolate bars that have the minimum ingredients and high percentage of pure cocoa i-e 70 or higher.

Effects of Dark Chocolate on the Brain

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