17 Foods Better Than Therapy and Weight Loss


Mushrooms are a great source of vitamin D and not many are aware of this fact. They also tend to be the only vegetable to contain vitamin D naturally. As already stated earlier, vitamin D helps in curing depression and anxiety which makes mushrooms good anti-depressants. So it is very good and of course very wise to add mushrooms to your diet. You can add them to your salads, omelettes, casseroles and even curry too.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms Weight Loss

10. KALE

A very nutrient-dense, low calorie, leafy green vegetable is Kale which is very easily available in the market. It would be so not just if one does not treat his or her body with this green treat. Kale also contains magnesium which helps in fighting depression. It also contains copper which is involved in overall well-being of the body and brain. If copper is consumed properly in one’s diet, it can decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Iron in Kale

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