17 Foods Better Than Therapy and Weight Loss


The super yummy potatoes take the lead when it comes to creating mood-boosters in the body. They are very helpful in fighting anxiety. Potatoes are a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C also helps in producing serotonin. A very surprising information about potatoes is that they help in warding off winter cold too as they contain 45 per cent of the daily dose of vitamin C.

How many calories in red potatoes


Researches have shown that people with lower level of vitamin D have higher rates of anxiety and depression. The sun is a good source of vitamin D but one cannot fulfil their body’s requirement of vitamin D only through this source especially in winters. Milk is rich in vitamin D and can easily fulfil one’s body requirement if consumed daily. Milk can be drunk as it is, added in smoothies or even in cereals too. There are lots of ways to add it into your diet daily.

Best Milk for Weight Loss

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