The 15 Best Foods for a Healthy Heart

One of the greatest causes of death these days are cardiovascular diseases. More than 17 million people die annually due to strokes and hypertension. It is wise to protect your heart at a young age from such diseases as prevention is better than cure. We should protect our heart from high levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure and unnecessary strain.

It is very unfortunate that people these days are fond of foods which are so unhealthy. They are not good for the heart and the whole body too. Usually heart diseases are because of a person’s lifestyle and not genetic inheritance. Foods that a person eats and its quantity affect the heart greatly. Foods that are high in cholesterol are not good for the heart. High sodium and high carb diets should also be avoided. Lack of activity is also one of the reasons of heart diseases. Fortunately, just like we invite these diseases to ourselves, similarly they can be avoided by eating the right type of food and by staying active. People usually opt for medicines to lower and maintain their blood pressure but it can be controlled by consuming the right kind of food as well. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing foods that have the ability to keep our heart healthy.


Catechins and flavonols are antioxidants that are richly present in green tea. They reduce the chance of chronic diseases and improve metabolism too. High metabolism leads to a healthy heart. It has been shown through researches that those who drink green tea in high quantity have 50% less chance of having a heart attack than those who don’t drink it.

Polyphenols Green Tea

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